Laser-Assisted Surgery

New technology has yielded surgical treatment for periodontitis with a specific laser device. The Nd:YAG PerioLase of Millenium is FDA certified and approved for surgical treatment of periodontitis. The energy of the Nd:YAG laser is effectively delivered into the periodontal pocket by a small fiber to effectively eliminate the diseased tissues lining the periodontal pocket and infecting bacteria, allowing enhanced exposure for thorough root debridement followed by establishment of a blood clot seal of the pocket through hemostasis. Stitches are often not required with laser-assisted surgeries. The primary benefit of laser-assisted surgery is its non-invasive approach and minimal post-operative change in gum position (limited shrinkage and exposure of the tooth root) and rapid recovery/low post-operative discomfort. It is likely that the laser approach, though achieving control of the periodontal infection, will show greater post-treatment pocket probing depths requiring vigilant ongoing management in the area of long-term preventive periodontal treatment.