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Covid-19 Update

March 16th, 2020

To Our Valued Patients,

We want to update you in the wake of the Covid-19/Corona Virus situation. We are adhering to the guided recommendations by The California Dental Association (CDA). They strongly recommend that dentists practicing in California voluntarily suspend nonessential or non-urgent dental care for the next 14 days. At this time, in accordance, our offices will be closed through at least March 29.

The following outlines our office policy for your care upon reopening:

We have, and always will make your safety our top priority. We want you to feel safe coming to your appointments and we have added enhanced cleaning protocols to our already stringent best practices. In addition to the normal procedures of sterilizing each room with medical grade disinfectant and heat sterilizing all equipment before and after appointments we will be paying special attention to common areas. Wiping down door handles, armrests, light switches and other shared spaces will help protect our patients and staff against this and all other potential infections.

If you have an existing appointment that is nonessential during this closure, we will be reaching out to you to reschedule, and we ask that any patients who currently have a respiratory illness including fever, productive cough or difficulty breathing, or have had any of these symptoms in the preceding two weeks, reschedule their appointments. Additionally, if you have traveled internationally to any areas on the CDC list of level 3 travel warning locations (currently China, South Korea, Italy, and Iran) in the past two weeks, we ask that you inform our team and reschedule your appointment.

As much as it pains us because we love interacting with our patients, for the foreseeable future we will avoid shaking hands out of an abundance of caution.

Thank you for understanding.

To keep yourself safe please follow the advice of medical professionals:

1. Wash your hands

2. Don’t touch your face

3. Wash your hands

4. Don’t shake hands

5. Wash your hands

6. Please follow all other CDC guidelines for social distancing, disinfecting, and prevention.

Please be safe and diligent,

Drs Johnson & Raz & Team

The Consequences of Sports and Energy Drinks

June 1st, 2017

They’re refreshing and tasty. They’re easy to find and pretty cheap. They help us get through a long day or a long workout. They’re everywhere.

We know it’s hard to say no to an energy or sports drink. That’s why Dr. Bruce W. Johnson and Dr. Shivali Gohel and our team want to make sure you know the effects that energy and sports drinks can have on your smile and overall oral health. You might just think twice next time you crave one.

There’s a common misconception that sports and energy drinks are somehow healthier than soda beverages. None is particularly good for you, but because sports and energy drinks have higher acidity levels, they put you on a fast track to enamel erosion, which can lead to cavities over time. However, studies show that energy drinks may be the worst of the bunch.

In a study published in General Dentistry, the energy drinks that showed the highest acidity levels were 5-hour Energy, Monster, Rockstar, and Red Bull Sugar free. These drinks almost doubled in acidity when compared to sports drinks. The sports drinks that came in second as far as acidity levels go were Powerade, Gatorade, and Propel.

You may be thinking, “What's the big deal; lots of other drinks damage your teeth, too,” and you’re right. Even all-natural beverages like orange juice and other fruit juices, which are advertised as full of vitamins, contain acid that damages tooth enamel. The point here is that moderation is key.

We certainly encourage you to choose a glass of orange juice over an energy drink, but if you feel like you just can’t give up your sports and energy drink habit, then please consider the following tips:

  • Limit yourself to a certain number of said beverages a week and stick to it.
  • Rinse with water after consuming an energy or sports drink.
  • Brush your teeth after an hour of downing the drink, so your mouth has time to return to its normal pH level.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call at our Poway office. Shoot us a message on Facebook, or let us know on your next visit!

Memorial Day

May 25th, 2017

Memorial Day is not only a federal holiday in the United States, but it is a day of observance and remembrance of those who died in service. Originally known as Decoration Day, this solemn day has been marked on calendars since the end of the American Civil War as a day to commemorate both the Confederate and Union soldiers who fought and died in the war.

Marking the graves of fallen soldiers with flowers, wreaths, or other tokens has been practiced throughout history, but it wasn't until the mark of the end of the Civil War that a special day was decided upon as the one to spend in remembrance. By 1890, every state in the country was observing Decoration Day. It wasn't until 1967 when the name formally changed from Decoration Day to Memorial Day, in order to encompass all fallen American soldiers in all wars and conflicts. In June of 1968, Congress moved the official date of Memorial Day to the last Monday in May in order to create a three day weekend.

Today, while there is certainly an air of remembrance on Memorial Day, it has become more a day of spending time with family, friends, and other loved ones. This day is also heralded as the start of summer, with many schools finishing for the year around this time. Our team at Bruce W. Johnson DMD remembers it as a day to take solace and remembered those lost.

Traditional observances of Memorial Day are still held, and they often involve raising the American Flag then lowering it to a half-staff position until noon, and then raising it once again to its full height afterwards. The flag is lowered to remember those who've lost their lives while in service to their country, and then it is raised to signify our willingness to not let their sacrifice be in vain.

From community parades in the Poway area, backyard cook-outs, and fireworks to formal ceremonies, Memorial Day is commemorated in many different ways. No matter how you choose to spend this day, take a moment to remember those who've lost their lives in an effort to preserve our freedom.

Suffer from Dental Anxiety? Not a Problem.

May 18th, 2017

If you suffer from dental anxiety, we understand that paying a visit to our office can seem like a nearly impossible mission. Regardless of what the root of that anxiety might be, we’re here to tell you that at Bruce W. Johnson DMD, you have no need to be nervous. Our office is dedicated to making your dental experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

One of the best things to do if you experience dental anxiety is call our office in advance to let us know. By notifying us in advance, you give us the opportunity to provide you with the dental care you need in the way you need it.

We can prescribe a relaxation medication for you. During your appointment, we can provide a little bit of laughing gas to put you more at ease, teach you some behavioral techniques for relaxation, and make sure you’re never in the dark about what’s happening.

If dental anxiety makes you feel embarrassed, please be assured that you’re not alone. Studies show that as much as 75% of adults suffer some degree of dental anxiety! It might be helpful to remember that your doctor’s goal is the same as yours: We are here to keep your oral health in check so you can be your healthiest self. We certainly don’t want to make you uncomfortable in the process.

If you have any questions about other ways in which we can accommodate you during your visits, please don’t hesitate to contact our Poway office!